Greensboro, NC :: Milestone Photographer

by Carrie Helms

Ready? Set! ADORABLE!

I had never been to the Elon campus prior to this session. When Beth suggested it, I thought "this could be pretty amazing..." but it wasn't until we got to the campus, that the goosebumps started flaring up, and I started darting my head back and forth, like a puppy waiting on window to roll down. It was so so pretty...and empty. We had the whole place to ourselves, and I could not WAIT to meet the Salman family.

Beth has one of the most gorgeous smiles. She is as genuine and sweet, as she looks. Her husband was one trooper, carrying not only the baby's change of clothes, but he offered to carry my suitcase as well. True gentleman!

My sweet little girl though, oh my goodness gracious! When she would smile, anyone within 100 miles felt it. I absolutely LOVE little babies. AH! They are just so sweet, and lovely! I can't wait until our next session. 

I hope you enjoy their photos as much as I do! 

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