Greensboro, NC :: Milestone Photographer

by Carrie Helms

"I'm sorry I was a Zombie..."

This little guy is probably going to rule the world one day. Based on his facial expressions through the entire session. He gave me the looks that a future president MAY give to those who attempt to interfere with his direction.

"Please, not now." "WHY IS THAT CAMERA IN MY FACE!" "Actually, your kind of pretty...but my mom is way prettier..."

Total stud. I really enjoyed getting to photograph his six month milestone...and am more than honored to get to photograph the rest of them. His mom actually has hired me up until his high school graduation day. He has set appointments for each year, along with a  mid-year session. I'm totally kidding. Wouldn't that be really cool though? 

I hope you enjoy this family's session as much as I did!

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