Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC | Milestone Session

by Carrie Helms

As a first birthday photographer in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC...I meet some beautiful babies. 

I absolutely adore this family, mainly because, I totally connect with my fellow mom of two toddlers. While capturing this stud, it was fun to joke with her about various toddler tactics, and how we get through our days. 

I think my most favorite conversation during the session was:

Fellow toddler mom: "Can you come over here and be a human for a minute?"

Me: "SURE!"

Fellow toddler mom: "Not you Carrie, jeez! I wouldn't talk to you like that!"

I die. I couldn't stop laughing after that. My fellow toddler mom, reminds me, that we are totally normal in the world consumed by two children, on the go, destructive and needy style. Where one child wants applesauce, and they other one screams because you offered it. The world where one child poops and the other one won't let you put them down to change their sibling, and throw an epic tantrum when you try, nearly knocking themselves out when they throw themselves back into the wall out of anger (this may or may not have happened this week...this may or may not be the reason we have a very large emergency room visit bill on the way to our address.) 

All in all, at the end of the day, once you lay these little monsters down, the only thing you want to do, is wake them back up so you can love on them a little more. (Well, it's a thought...most of the time, you just want to pop the top on that bottle of wine that has been on your counter with the wine opener stuck in it for two days now, and you haven't had the opportunity to finish uncorking it.)

I hope you enjoy this merely perfect first birthday session of this handsome guy. 

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