Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC | Family, Lifestyle Photographer

by Carrie Helms

As a photographer in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC, one of the most amazing incentives to photographing sessions, is the wonderful families you meet. The Vaughan-Grady family, was no exception to this incentive. They were more like, and huge unexpected bonus. From the simplicity of the ceremony, to the most warmest individuals I have ever met, this was one of the most perfect days, in the most perfect little spot, at the most perfect little time for a wedding ceremony. 

The family decided to host a surprise wedding...meaning, they only told close family members they were getting married. With a crew of about 20, Ashley told Michael "I do" in a beautiful little "Finch Chapel" on the immaculate Greensboro College campus. I was beyond blessed to have been asked to photograph this intimate moment. The happiness they bestowed on one another, was so contagious that I immediately went home, and kissed my husband. 

I hope you enjoy a peek into their gorgeous wedding.