Greensboro, North Carolina Family Photographer: Lifestyle Sessions

by Carrie Helms

Lifestyle sessions are simply that. Your non-posed moments, documented. When was the last time you had a photo of yourself pushing your child on a swing? Have you ever captured your family's moments on a picnic in the park? What about the first day at home with your newborn? These are the sweet and precious moments worth preserving and hanging on every wall of your home, on your desk at work, or putting in your family album.

We live in a digital world, but how do you pass down digital photos to your grandchildren? I remember my own grandparents keeping giant albums full of photos, and every time we went to visit, we would go through the albums and they would tell us the stories of the photos. I can still remember my grandpa's "spearmint" smell from the gum he would chew as he excitedly told us of his wedding day while we looked at the picture of he and my grandmother standing in front of the church. I can't remember the last photo posted by a friend on my Facebook page, but I can tell you the first photo in our family album that sits on our coffee table.

Preserve these moments. Email to learn more about the special packages I am offering for our lifestyle sessions.


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