The cuteness doesn't stop here!

by Carrie Helms

I have known this family for quite sometime. My husband coaches with these adorable little ones' father. I can still remember holding this little lady when she was brand new, and fighting another coach's wife (not really "fighting") to get to hold her. It's unreal how fast time flies...and now she is this gorgeous little lady with a huge smile and playful eyes. Her brother, melts your heart like butter when he flashes that sideways grin. These two remind me that the clock isn't stopping. The world is still turning, extremely quick, and before I know it, my own little ones will be growing up. I am so thankful for the opportunity to capture these little precious smiles, hands and feet...we can post photos to Facebook, take videos with our iPhones, but nothing compares to having a gorgeous print of your child smiling next to your bed, on the main wall, or even on your desk at work. 

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