Spring, lemons, and adorable babies!

by Carrie Helms

Ah! Sweet babies...my favorite to photograph. While this little ladybug took awhile to warm up to me (who could blame her, I would get a little nervous around a woman I had never met making faces, singing Mickey Mouse songs, and blowing raspberries at me too!), she was absolutely one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. I couldn't help but melt when those big brown eyes met mine and her expression said "What. Are. You. Doing."

I think what I enjoy most about photographing little ones, is the adventure you capture in their expressions. I especially love her photo with the tongue sticking out...I am positive that was directed specifically at me, and my camera. I think once we give her a few years, she is going to be that little girl that hops right up on the portrait studio platform, puts a hand on her hip and says "let's do this guys!" She is absolutely a precious baby girl...and being given the opportunity to photograph her was a huge blessing.

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