Our reality is his playground...

by Carrie Helms

He makes me laugh a laugh I never knew existed within my heart. When I look at him, I see my reflection. He is clever, and knows all the tricks for getting a 7am cookie or a midnight hug. He finds the silver lining in every situation by giving it a kiss. He appreciates all that God places before him, and he's only nearly two. He loves animals, Bubble Guppies, and making music with anything that will create a sound. His daddy is his hero...his mommy, is his whole world. He loves yelling for the moon when it hides behind the clouds, and he tries to catch the sunshine on his finger tips. He makes wishes with dandelions and can throw a baseball 20 feet. He loves to be the center of attention and calls his PawPaw on his Elmo cell phone at least ten times a day. He eats blueberries with his index finger and loves lemonade. He climbs as high as he can at the playground and always yells "MOMMY! A KISS!" before coming down.

I can't tell you what the best thing is about being his mommy...because every moment is simply amazing and cherished. I don't know how we got chosen to be blessed with the most amazing little boy, but I sure am thankful God has trusted us enough with his very best guy.