The sweetest smile...

by Carrie Helms

Little boys are full of so much adventure and fun...and typically uninterested in anything that simply involves sitting still. This particular little guy is so full of happiness and curiosity. You can tell he is one of those little sweet children who wakes up first thing, puts his feet on the floor, and yells "OK! LET'S PLAY!" At one point, we were laying on our bellies in the grass, and I could tell this is where he would stay if he could all day...on his belly, playing with the blades of greenery, letting ants crawl on his hands, and squishing dirt in his fingers. I could spend hours chasing him with my camera, capturing the expressions he gives when he discovers something new.

His family truly adores him, and you can tell he soaks up each second of their love. He reciprocates with the admiring looks he gives his dad, and the sweet smile he saves for just his mom...the short time I spent with him, taught me so much about my own little boy. How easy it is to get caught up in the moment and lost in their little eyes, watching them explore each new thing for the first time. 

Thank you so much Crowe family for the blessed opportunity to photograph this little guy!

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