Raleigh, NC | The Heartbeat

by Carrie Helms

The "heartbeat pose". 

Artistic Style: Carrie Helms

Fall in love as you witness the connection between mother and baby and the moment the sweet child instantaneously is familiarized with the sound of their mother's heartbeat. 

Newborn Photographer: Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, Clayton, Garner, Rolesville, Wake Forest, Wendell, and surrounding Triangle North Carolina areas.

Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC | An Ode to the Dads

by Carrie Helms

 A lot of times, while covering a session in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, or anywhere in the Triangle here in North Carolina, it is easy to become captivated by a "mother's love". However, I find myself melting at the amount of dads and their glowing faces as they smile at their perfect little babes. You can read their faces, knowing they are incredibly proud, and so in love. We typically associate a dad nose deep in the News and Observer Sports Page or planning out his next brewery tour. We do not typically think to associate these sweet men with being sappy and head over heels. It is these photos, that I cherish, and find myself being so thankful for the portraits I create for these families. 

Enjoy this "Ode to a Dad"

Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC | How to deal with bloopers during your session!

by Carrie Helms

As a Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC family photographer, I work with a lot of various families, ranging from many different ages, emotions, and resistances.

I have been asked countless times prior to a session, "How will we get my toddlers to cooperate?" "What if my husband will not smile?" "Do newborns give you a hard time?"

As a lifestyle photographer, my job is to go with the flow, and capture a timeless portrait. Sure, we all want that cover of Better Homes and Gardens magazine snap...but realistically, you have a screaming toddler in dad's arms, a baby who has just thrown up in mom's arms, and those outfits you just spent the last week torturing yourself trying to pick out (and going to endless upon endless stores trying to find), are wrinkled, stained, and no longer the shade of blue you had originally arrived in to the session wearing.


However, these are the memories worth preserving. These are the real moments. The moments where your toddler didn't care that there was a camera, they just wanted mama to hold them, comfort them, and give them ALL the kisses. The moments where mom and dad look at each other while their beautiful children are relentlessly crying, and can do nothing but laugh. Those are the real, raw, moments that you will be able to look back on one day, and treasure. 


Our babies do not stay little for long. After awhile, the tantrums stop. They quit asking for EVERYTHING, and eventually, they no longer even "need us". I enjoy the raw, real sessions most...because they remind me how short our time is. How quickly everything has changed, and how this is a last opportunity to see the little ones, this little, just like this.


Do not stress about the bloopers. This little beauty right here, is framed in an 11x14 black and white portrait centered in our living room, for anyone who walks in to see. This is my family. This is real life. Enjoy yours.


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Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC | Senior Portraits Session

by Carrie Helms

As a senior portraits photographer in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC...I have quite an amazing time during these sessions. 

On this specific day, at this specific session, we started bright and early...at 8am to be exact. We wanted to catch that gorgeous morning sunshine that glimmers on the beautiful dew. Sophia enhanced the gorgeous morning with her incredible beauty. She was so fantastic...smiling, happy, and full of life. 

She has an exceptional skill of walking three blocks in high heeled wedges...I am positive she should add it to her resume once she graduates.

I know that this sweet, exceptional, and amazing young lady is going to go far in life. I can't wait to see her dreams come true!

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Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC | Milestone Session

by Carrie Helms

As a first birthday photographer in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC...I meet some beautiful babies. 

I absolutely adore this family, mainly because, I totally connect with my fellow mom of two toddlers. While capturing this stud, it was fun to joke with her about various toddler tactics, and how we get through our days. 

I think my most favorite conversation during the session was:

Fellow toddler mom: "Can you come over here and be a human for a minute?"

Me: "SURE!"

Fellow toddler mom: "Not you Carrie, jeez! I wouldn't talk to you like that!"

I die. I couldn't stop laughing after that. My fellow toddler mom, reminds me, that we are totally normal in the world consumed by two children, on the go, destructive and needy style. Where one child wants applesauce, and they other one screams because you offered it. The world where one child poops and the other one won't let you put them down to change their sibling, and throw an epic tantrum when you try, nearly knocking themselves out when they throw themselves back into the wall out of anger (this may or may not have happened this week...this may or may not be the reason we have a very large emergency room visit bill on the way to our address.) 

All in all, at the end of the day, once you lay these little monsters down, the only thing you want to do, is wake them back up so you can love on them a little more. (Well, it's a thought...most of the time, you just want to pop the top on that bottle of wine that has been on your counter with the wine opener stuck in it for two days now, and you haven't had the opportunity to finish uncorking it.)

I hope you enjoy this merely perfect first birthday session of this handsome guy. 

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Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC | Family, Lifestyle Photographer

by Carrie Helms

As a photographer in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC, one of the most amazing incentives to photographing sessions, is the wonderful families you meet. The Vaughan-Grady family, was no exception to this incentive. They were more like, and huge unexpected bonus. From the simplicity of the ceremony, to the most warmest individuals I have ever met, this was one of the most perfect days, in the most perfect little spot, at the most perfect little time for a wedding ceremony. 

The family decided to host a surprise wedding...meaning, they only told close family members they were getting married. With a crew of about 20, Ashley told Michael "I do" in a beautiful little "Finch Chapel" on the immaculate Greensboro College campus. I was beyond blessed to have been asked to photograph this intimate moment. The happiness they bestowed on one another, was so contagious that I immediately went home, and kissed my husband. 

I hope you enjoy a peek into their gorgeous wedding.

Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC | Senior Portrait Session

by Carrie Helms

Just wanted to show off an adorable sneak peek from a senior session tonight! 

We utilized the many gorgeous unique buildings and alleyways of Downtown Greensboro. As a photographer in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC, we have some incredible advantages with such a beautiful city!

This time of year is absolutely perfect for the senior session portraits. The dream sunsets, the perfect temperatures...it's truly the ideal time.

Enjoy these gorgeous photos!

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Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC | Milestone Sessions

by Carrie Helms

As a photographer in North Carolina, I absolutely LOVE photographing milestone sessions. Whether they are newborn, six months, a year, or even seniors, my passion is driven in these sessions. A child's spirit or the glow of dreams in a senior's eyes captured in a single frozen moment, is by far some of the most gorgeous art I have ever put my heart into creating.


Have you dreamed about having that adorable, framed or canvas print of your sweet baby's portrait hanging on the main wall of your home? What about an album full of each Milestone? Not many of us think about taking professional photos of the age progression through the first year...and they really are some of the most important photos!


For my last session, we set up a pink, gold, and white tulle banner across a walking bridge in Raleigh, NC, with either parent on each side holding the banner...so that our sweet girl felt comfortable with mom and dad nearby. She spent most of the time giggling and laughing, and obviously, talking about her day.


I like to use the golden sun as my lighting, and when it hits the top of a tulle or pennant banner, the result is simply stunning (you will see in the examples below.)


Milestone sessions are memory making sessions. Not only do we capture your newborn, three month, six month, and twelve month milestones...I also find myself growing close to your family. Each of my milestone babies get a piece of my heart with these sessions. I simply love these ages.


I take pride in the work that I do. I put forth a lot of attention to detail, and insure that my clients walk away happy, with photographs they can treasure the rest of their lives...and use as blackmail on 18th birthdays and wedding days. :)


What else is great about booking with me? I am local. When you book with a local photographer, we keep our small businesses alive. I am able to not only drive my passion with photography, but I am also able to take care of my family. 


To learn more, click the below link to reach the Milestone package information.


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Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC | First Birthday and Milestone Photographer

by Carrie Helms

I absolutely LOVE photographing first birthday sessions...usually. I don't like photographing first birthday sessions when they are the last of my milestone package! :( :( :( 

This sweet little one has left a special place in my heart.

This session took place in Raleigh, NC. We photographed at an old historic falls, and used a pretty heavy traffic walking bridge. Everyone walking by, enjoyed smiling back at this little beauty who flashed them her "can't deny me" smile! I hope you enjoy this princess's peak into her session. We had a wonderful time!

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Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC | Family, Lifestyle, Senior, Newborn Photographer

by Carrie Helms

If you are looking to book your First Birthday, Family, or Senior Portraits, look no further! Carrie Helms Photography is here! As a first birthday, family, and senior portraits photographer in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC, I enjoy specializing in these specific sessions. With multiple location options and endless background choices, your portrait session is customized to fit your vision. 

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Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC | Newborn Lifestyle

by Carrie Helms

Welcome to the world, gorgeous little one. I am honored and truly blessed to have been welcomed by this family for numerous sessions leading up to the birth of this little guy. Entering someone's personal space, such as, a room in the maternity ward less than 24 hours after labor, can be a bit intimidating. Tired parents, a lot of hallway pacing, and endless quirky looks from the medical staff. However, this wonderful family has made me feel welcomed from the moment I met them. 

While these are not their Fresh 48 photos (those are to come..after mama and daddy sees them!), this a sneak peek into the beautiful new life of this sweet little guy, and the incredible love this sweet family shares. The look of adoration for their new baby will bring tears to anyone's eyes. I warned them after I started the session, that I would probably get annoying with the amount of "oh my gosh, I seriously love this!" phrase on repeat. But I do, I seriously love these sessions.

I hope you enjoy the sneak peek of this sweet family's session!

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Greensboro, NC :: Best of 2015 Children's Outtakes

by Carrie Helms

DISCLAIMER: I know these families well, and this is in good humor. No children were harmed in the making of these photos.

Think you have what it takes to photograph children? Chasing in between shots, figuring out what words make them giggle, continuously snapping just to capture a smirk...children's portraits are by far, the most energetic portraits I book. Mean mugs, running after the camera, acrobatic flips...it's never a dull moment.

These are some of my favorite unexpected moments from 2015. 

Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC :: Family Portraits

by Carrie Helms

Sun bursts on a cool day, make any photo look warm and happy...but add this sweet little family, and you've got the full recipe for love and joy.

I had an incredible time on this crisp day...and their sweet little one kept us all giggling. 

The sun was starting to sink beneath the horizon, causing it to kiss this family and create the most gorgeous sunbursts. I still get goosies looking at these pics!

This could be YOUR family! Contact me today to schedule your session.

Greensboro, NC :: Family Portraits

by Carrie Helms

ALERT: This session is going to make you want to get snuggly with your loved ones!!!

Be still my heart! These lovebirds and their adorable little ones, had an incredibly gorgeous session on the farm! We had so much fun, and I definitely enjoyed this sweet little handsome guy!

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Greensboro, NC :: Senior Photographer

by Carrie Helms

Big news to write here:

In 2015, I will be transitioning to specifically working with Newborn Lifestyle and Senior Photography!

I have a passion for those coming into the world, and those going out into the world...and I have found that my heart for photography, rests with these styles.

Ellen, thank you for letting me using your blog post to make my announcement!

NOW: onto a gorgeous Senior gallery...seriously, this sneak peek leaves you asking for more! Ah! 

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Greensboro, NC :: Maternity Photography::

by Carrie Helms

I am a sucker for sunbursts. I love how it enhances the happiness of a photo. It creates dreamy warmth that makes any cold day seem perfect. 

We are so excited for this sweet family to welcome a new baby in just a couple months! How gorgeous is this glowing mama to be?

Enjoy this gorgeous gallery!

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Greensboro, NC :: First Birthday Styled Session

by Carrie Helms

This little girl was so so sweet. I absolutely adored getting the opportunity to work with not only her, but her family. Her parents adore her so much, and it was incredible to witness. She wasn't a fan of cake, but did decide to take a few bites at the end. 

I hope you enjoy this adorable styled first birthday session!

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Greensboro, NC :: Children's Photographer

by Carrie Helms

These sweet boys were total children's portrait dominators! I absolutely adored getting the opportunity to meet them, as I had worked with their cousin on a separate children's session!

I hope you enjoy a peek at their gallery! 

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