Sometimes I have believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!
— Lewis Carrol
If YOU are considering a photographer - then you are at the RIGHT location!!
This lovely lady puts her heart and soul into her photography. I know I watched her many times, over the weekend, at my daughters wedding, seeing the end product, that no one else could see, as she was staging the picture. As I sit here viewing, the first installment of our photos, I now see why she was so intense and took her time to look beyond the obvious and find the story! She isn’t just a photographer for an event - she becomes one of the family and shares all their feelings and emotions. This allows her to put herself into the situation and know the shot, that is needed, to capture the PERFECT tear, smile, look or pose to last a lifetime!
— Christy Miley

who is this local Raleigh newborn photographer?

Hey! I am Carrie Helms. The momtrepreneur behind Carrie Helms Photography in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex and surrounding NC areas. I have been photographing since I got my first camera at the age of ten, but that's not my earliest memory of taking portraits. I used to take my grandpa's Polaroid with the giant flash bulb, and walk around the house, snapping everyone's unsuspecting photo and proudly handing them their golden moment. 

I offer a unique service with newborn lifestyle and maternity portraits. Capturing your newborn is more than a passion. I am a mother as well, so I understand the nature of what takes place when you bring a newborn home. I am accommodating to the needs of your family, while catering to your hopes of receiving the most perfect candid family session with your newborn. I make the process easy and smooth with a fully detailed preparation email, including what to wear, how to keep your newborn snuggly and sleepy, and even the process of what to expect during the session.

Booking your session has never been easier. Everything is completely digital while booking with Carrie Helms Photography...from the digital contract that you can sign using your finger on your smartphone, to paying for your session. It is easy-peasy as jello-pudding pie!

Professional photography  is a preserved moment to be cherished for a lifetime. Priceless memories to hang on your walls or place on your tables, to smile and reflect on each time you pass. When you invest in this time, I am able to show you the true value in professional photography and portraits.

Love Carrie’s work! She did an AMAZING job on our baby’s photos and the gallery wrap was absolutely beautiful! She was so much fun to work with- very patient, attentive to details, and passionate about her work!
— Esther Richmer
Carrie is an amazing photographer. She takes into account your preferences and adds her creative touch to produce great work.
— Zoe Elaine
Absolutely love the pictures Carrie took of our 6 month old! She got some great shots even though he wasn’t being very cooperative. I would definitely recommend Carrie to anyone!
— Allie Sharpe